Become a Member of PCDN

As a cooperative itself, PCDN is democratically organised by its members. The Board of Directors recognise the need to increase the membership and to support members to be actively involved in taking PCDN forward over the next few years.  We’d like to hear from you if you are:

  • Curious and interested in finding out more about cooperatives and similar community enterprise
  • Enthusiastic about cooperative and collaborative models of work
  • Wanting to take an idea for a cooperative forward, and need some help to do this
  • Experienced in cooperatives and able to make an active contribution to co-operative developments in Preston
  • Keen to attend future events run by PCDN.
  • Interested in coops generally.

Members will have the chance to link into other relevant networks such as Cooperatives UK, Stir to Action, and Power to Change, and to take up opportunities for knowledge exchange and democracy.

In 2024 we are planning a range of opportunities for co-operatives and those who are cooperative curious to meet, learn and help decide actions. For instance, we will organise regular members meetings, online discussions and decision-making forums and events (online and face-to-face) focused on specific topics of interest for cooperative development (including green energy, transport, social care, cargo bike delivery, food hubs).

And of course, we’d love you to bring your own ideas and shape the future of PCDN.  Email us at:

If you are interested – and we really hope you are – in what PCDN stands for and in the development of new cooperative businesses in Preston,  please buy a £1 share, get involved and start to make a difference.

Buy a £1 share in PCDN