Local Case Studies

Co-operatives comes in many different shapes and sizes. A whole range of case studies can be found here. Below are some local co-op examples.

The Larder is a cafe, arts & community hub in the centre of Preston on Lancaster Rd. Started in 2018, the Larder is a great example of a group of people coming together to create a community space. They also sell great cakes.

Housing cooperatives can be large housing associations such as Preston’s Community Gateway which became a co-op in 2004 and manages 6,000+ properties. Or they might be individual houses owned by a group of house mates.

Many local Football and Rugby clubs are co-operatively owned. Such as our local Preston Grasshoppers, owned by 1,331 of their fans.

The PDF or the Preston Digital Foundation is a not-for-profit worker-owned co-operative that specialises in digital services across Preston and Lancashire. Worker co-ops can be a great way to start a business with likeminded people or where an original owner is looking to sell to their workforce.

And of course consumer owned co-operatives, such as the Co-operative Group. Employing 70,000 people in the UK with Food and  Funeral Services operating in the Preston area.