Meet The Board

Meet the Board

Gaynor Wood

Gaynor teaches university students and writes about enterprise, starting your own business, and business for sport scientists. She worked with Enterprise Educators UK in the development of enterprise education training for university and college staff in institutions across Nigeria and China.

Her main interest is cooperative enterprises including worker and housing cooperatives. Currently she is working Climate Action Preston to develop green cooperative enterprises.

Gareth Nash

Gareth is part of a small cooperative business saving local services like shops and pubs from closure.  He has helped raise several million pounds so that communities can create energy from wind and water turbines. He is also active in the Cooperative Party, where he finds new ways for local people to own the services they value.

Gareth is also working  with Climate Action Preston to develop a social solar power enterprise and to develop a Climate Emergency Centre.

Mick McKeown

A longstanding union activist, Mick is involved in the development of links between the trade union and cooperative movements. He co-authored the recent Manifesto for Decent Work from Union Co-ops UK. Mick leads on ideas to create cooperative opportunities in the care sector, and in the area of criminal justice (the employment of prisoners and ex-prisoners).

Ann Vanner

Ann lives in Preston and works at the University of Central Lancashire as a senior lecturer in Architectural Technology  She brings an unconventional and unwavering passion for the built environment and detailed construction knowledge, as well as project management and problem-solving abilities.

She is passionate about homes that are suited to the people who want to live in them. her interests include community housing and cooperative housing.