New Projects

PCDN is also keen  to work with people who want to provide cooperative solutions to community problems.

This might be a group of people with an idea for a cooperative business that supports, provides services or activities for their community which addresses local needs. Or it might be an established community organisation that want to try and address a local need.

Cooperatives come in many forms to suit all kinds of needs. The important thing to remember is that coops recycle and develop local expertise, resources and money.

Some of our current projects around food buying, housing, education (PCEC)  and worker coops for digital and taxi drivers are detailed here.

Food Buying Groups is a food cooperative project run by the communities and aimed at providing a sustainable and affordable model of food purchasing, as opposed to a reliance on food banks and mutual aid, which depends on funding and donations.

Housing cooperatives can be large developments where people have chosen to live collectively so they might share resources such as gardens, launderettes etc and may decide to have a weekly meal cooked and eaten together. Or they might be individual homes built in close proximity to each other.

This new cooperative organisation is the latest addition to the ranks of emerging cooperatives in the City. The aim is to grow this cooperative into a substantial provider of cooperative education and worker education, and eventually to become part of the future federated Cooperative University project as part of a partnership with the Cooperative College.

The PDF or the Preston Digital Foundation is a not-for-profit worker-owned co-operative that specialises in digital services across Preston and Lancashire.

PCDN has been involved in setting up two new worker cooperatives in Preston: thePDF and North West Black Cabs.