Decent Work & Democracy

Bookings are open for a conference on union-coops to be held at Wortley Hall, South Yorkshire on 17-18 June 2022

This Conference was originally scheduled for Oct 1st/2nd 2021, but due to the rising rates of Covid19, we have decided to reschedule – provisional date 17th/18th June 2022

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Proceedings will bring co-operators and trade unionists together to discuss and debate key questions such as:

  • How can we ‘build back better’ after Covid-19
  • What can we do to promote democracy in the workplace?
  • Do we have to accept the gig economy and precarity?
  • Is there a way of creating decent work?
  • What can union activists do to fight for decent work and democracy?
  • How can workers get control over our daily working lives?