Useful guides and resources

Start-up guides

Governance, legal docs and policies

  • Simply Legal – All you need to know about legal forms and organisational types for UK co-operatives and community owned enterprises.
  • Model Governing Documents (Co-operatives UK) – Model documents to legally register a co-operative
  • The Worker Co-op Code – This code is designed to help people create and defend decent jobs,  through well run worker co-ops.
  • Seeds for Change Resources – a comprehensive suite of anti-copyright guides, templates, model governing docs, including non-English translations. Aimed at co-operators and activists – recommended.
  • CAN policies – A comprehensive set of working policies with a co-operative focus.
  • The handbook of handbooks – A list of handbooks and toolkits for groups working without top-down management from social movements to workplaces open source for anyone to read, update, share